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Festivities and Holidays



The people of Cusco and Peru in general are festive regions .


Held throughout the year various festivals and events that are strongly related to the phenomena, natural and astrological


So we have, among the most important :


Fertility fest 14/february or Carnaval


Easter Monday Abril - and the procession of Lord of the tremors. magical and mysterious ancient ritual.


Semana Santa Abril - religious and gastronomy festival.


Cruzvelacuy 02/may ancestral Inca ritual and evening of the Cross.


Koyllority June - ancestral pilgrimage to the mountains of Shinakara. 2 days.


Corpus Cristhi June - Procession of 14 Catholic saints and feasts with dances, music, food and drink.  Formerly they would be the 14 Incas. This festival lasts 10 days.


Celebrations of Cusco Imperial city 24 June - Inti raymi sun festival


Celebrations of Perú 28/july - with Criolla music and good gastronomy. Independence day.


Month of mother earth or Pacha Mama  August - Procession of 14 Catholic saints and feasts with dances, music, food and drink.


Tourism month September - this month, several activities for tourists from Cusco and Peru is organized. Cusco tourist capital of America


Visit Cusco in September and enjoy prizes and surprises.










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