CUSCO Archaeological capital of America


Cusco has a great variety of articles of silver, alpaca wool and pima cotton. Our handicrafts are highly valued worldwide. In our local handicrafts market it is possible barging with the venders. A 15% of discount is usually what you get.


In all Peru and in Cusco the current is 220 volts AC. In most places all the plugs are ambivalent, circles ( as in Spain ) or planes (as in America).


A 10% service charge is included in all restaurants prices. It is customary  to leave an additional 10% for the waiter and a voluntary tip for tourist guides and drives , but no for taxi drives. 

Internet And  Telephone

In Cusco there are public facilities for worldwide internet access at affordable rates .

Telefonica del Peru y AT & T sell pre paid calling cards of different denominations available  at book stores, markets and newspaper stands.


Peru�s unit of currency is the Sol ( s/ ). Most hotels, hostels, restaurants and shops accept U.S dollars, but if you want to change your dollars into local currency, we recommend that you do it at the money change houses or at  a bank.


A letter or postcard takes one week in arriving to its destination. Mail boxes and stamps are available in most of the book stores, hotels and in the central post office.


The time in Peru is �5 GMT. Also remember that we are near the tropic and that people therefore have a more relaxed sense of time. Of course we do avoid any type of delay.

Public Transportation

There are not taximeters in Peru, so for that before getting into a taxi, you must clearly establish the rate with your driver. Remember to take low denomination coins with you to pay this service.

Security Measures

We recommend carry money or credit cards in money belts and don�t  carry a purse unless it is absolutely essential. Handbags and photograph and video cameras can be carried if you act prudently, taking care in places with large crows, such as markets, train stations and public plazas.

Health  Precautions

Don�t forget to take precautions to avoid altitude sickness ( Cusco 11.200 ft), and be sure to try a hot tea or infusion of coca leaves on the arrival in the altitude, rest some few hours and eat lightly.

Travelers with heart conditions or high blood pressure should check with their doctor before traveling to Cusco.

If you are going to visit areas of the jungle, do not forget that a yellow fever immunization is a prerequisite and must be receive at least 10 days before beginning your trip to this area.


Water And Food

To avoid problems drinking tap water, we recommend that you always drink bottle water.

Peruvian cuisine is highly varied and spicy ,we recommend that you take advantage of your visit to enjoy the local and international cuisine  prepared in Cusco that is recognized around the world as one of the best.

Clothing And Weather

Here the weather can vary considerably in one day, according to the time day. It can be cold in the early morning and at night, and quite warm at midday. Therefore, it is advisable to dress in layers of  clothing that can be easily put or taken off. Sweaters, jackets and long slacks are necessary.

Domestic animals   

The dog is the favorite domestic animal in Cusco, you will see dogs everywhere. The cat is present but in smaller percentages. Be not afraid if one day when checking the menu in the different restaurants finds the guinea pig as main course. Here the Guinea pig is not a pet. This little animal  constitutes one of the most traditional dishes in Cusco cuisine.    

Family Houses

This is a different type of lodging offered by some families from Cusco, they offered simple and double rooms. To be in a family house is a great advantage for those that want to know a little but about the customs of Cusco resident's.




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Quechua or Runasimi, second language of people in Cusco and the south of Peru.


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